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© 2005
Katie Henkel
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Here's a list of the 34 I have come across currently.
These sites are also tributes to T, but not "vs" pages.

Aircraft Carriers Mr.T's thoughts.
Mr.T Alive!
of the Mr.T vs phenomenon
Ask Mr.T!
Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool Tribute
Mr.T as currency!
Mr.T Blog New
Bring Back T!
A campaign to return Mr.T to the TV
Clubber Lang
An essay about Rocky's greatest opponent
Coloring Pages
Mr.T's Domain
Mr. T E-Cards
Mr.T Fan Site
Mr.T Fool Tosser
Toss your own fools!
Mr.T's Foos & Suckers
Fan Club
Mr.T Goes for a Drive
Mr.T don't do drugs, but this is still funny
Mr.T Hodge Podge
Image Archive
Mr.T's Jibba-Jabba Movie
Mr.T Mailing List
Mr.T and Mahir Cagri
Parody of a popular site
Mr.T Message Board
Another Mr.T Message Board
The Mighty Fist of T
The Mighty Forum of T
Mr.T Poems
Haiku dedicated to T
Mr.T as President in 2000!
Pro-T Movement
Dedicated to spreading the power of T
Mr.T Purity Test
Mr.T Resource Archive
Mr.T vs X Page Builder's Guide
The T Shrine
Mr.T Sightings
Where is T now?
Mr.T in Space
An amusing game
Toughest Man in the World
Mr.T's Weather Page